Child Free Lifestyle

Since childhood, we girls are instilled with the idea that we will someday have a child and become a mother. And we (at least the vast majority of us) do not even think about this issue – we just know that this is a goal that we must definitely implement at certain point of our life.

There are women who really want children, and this is wonderful. But there are also those who are just stressed by these social obligations and feel really bad if they are not married or don’t become mothers as soon as possible. As a result, they get married too soon with someone who is probably not the best partner for her, but at least she is “completed”. And even then she is unhappy with this man, she would suffer in silence, because they must keep staying together “for children”… I mean, don’t you find it sad that you are born, in theory, as a free person but all your life is reduced to the obligation to suffer from an unhappy life, for your children. And after all this, they (your children) will have to do the same later. That’s it? That’s the whole sense of the story?
I’m not trying to tell that having a family is a bad thing. There is not many more precious things than that. I just want to tell that it is important to consider this question more seriously, with more thoughtfulness.


I believe that people who don’t want to have children should not be put under pressure and told that they must have them. I think exactly the opposite – they shouldn’t in any case have them! Because it will only hurt both a parent and future children. Your life is presious, so is the one of your child. Therefore, I find it stupid to do something you don’t want to (of course, a lot of people don’t want, for example, to go to work but at the end they do it for something they want – and this is another topic).
I don’t understand the critics against all those child free lifestyle women. Even for the planet this phenomenon is beneficial: there is already an overpopulation.

Again, this post is not an anti-baby action, it is just to say that I think that the first thing we should do for our children – is to have them when we want, and only if we really want them. In this case we would probably already have the adequate situation (financial and psychological) and would already be satisfied ourselves by our own life, and only AFTER that try to give something to a new came human being. You may say, “huh, if you think and wait too much, it may be too late!”. So what? It means you are never ready to have children, so you are probably just not meant to have them at all in your life? If it is the case, I think there is no necesity to oblige yourself… and if you live for yourself, honestly, I don’t see anything bad in it.

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