How to survive a breakup



When a relationship finishes, it is an uneasy period for both partners, sometimes even for those who were initiators of the break up. Its duration depends, it may sometimes last 2 days, sometimes two months. It happens because we lose a part of our life that we got used to, and our body goes through stress regarding this loss.

There are some tips to make this period a bit esaier:

1. Go out. If you have to go to work/school/university, it is great. It will help you to stay in your usual rythm and keep your mind busy. Even if during this period the motivation is low, you have to force yourself to continue living normally.

2. Talk to your friends. You don’t need an advise anymore, you just need to express your feelings. The support of a close person is hard to overestimate.

3. Write down your thoughts. If you don’t like to complain in front of people, it may be a good alternative way to express yourself. Write down about the strongest emotions that you experience. It is very important to give them an exit.

4. Find a hobby. It may be hiking, new language or any kind of sport – anything that keeps you stay in action. I knew a girl who after her husband left her has being spending hours in sports club just not to think about the break. I think there is no need to mention that after she recovered she was in a great shape, and she has easily found a new boyfriend.

5. Give way to you feelings. If you feel you’re overwhelmed, just burst into tears. I always feel like I have got rid of something poisoning after crying.

6. Tell yourself that not everyone is like that. We all tend to project our last partner’s qualities on all people of the opposite sex which is totally wrong and blocks us from creating a healthy relationship with a new partner.

The main idea of this post is that you should keep staying in move and go on even if it’s hard. When I broke up with my boyfriend last time I woke up in the morning and didn’t even want to get up. The only thing I wanted is to cover myself with a blanket and stay in my bed all day long.


However, if you do it, you will just keep staying with your misery. What you need is new emotions, that’s why even if it is difficult, you should find a motivation to fill up your life with new and positive experience.