How to be happy


It looks like a pretentious title but being happy is actually not as hard as it may seem. Happiness is in simple things; that’s why the «formula of hapiness» just can’t be complex, even if it demands certain work on yourself.

I will ask you one question: What is the point of life? I think everyone has wondered about it at least once. I’m not going to talk about complex philosophical theories, I just give you my opinion: I strongly blieve that happiness is the point of everyone’s life. Whenever you decide to lose weight, or to find a job or to go on a round-the-world trip, it demands you certain energy and effort but at the end it gives you satisfaction, and, as a consequence, happiness. Pretty much everything we do is aimed at being happy as a result. Here I give you several simple tips to help you make it a habit to be happy:

  1. Do not delay. This phenomenon has even acquired the trendy name of procrastination. It comes from laziness, fear or lack of self-confidence, three qualities that block our path to happiness. But these are also three things that are easy to overcome. You need to make a call/ to write a CV/ to wash the dishes – just do it now, and it will not bother you anymore. Unfinished business tend not only to accumulate, but also to constantly settle in the head and remind: «You haven’t done it yet!». On the contrary, doing something useful every day, you will feel satisfied and happier.

  2. Quit your comfort zone. Do something that you always wanted to do but every time there was something else to do. If you wanted to start jogging, don’t give yourself excuses like: «It’s raining today», «I don’t have proper clothes», «I want to know the end of this beautiful dream»… As you know, if we want something, we will find ways, if we don’t want… we would always find excuses. So, just quit your comfortable bed and go for your adventure. The more you quit your comfort zone, the wider its borders are, and the more you will have the I-can-everything feeling. It is quite satisfying to tell it to yourself, isn’t it?

  3. Try to find something interesting in your routine. Most of people do things that they don’t like but have to do. Therefore, I believe that if you still have to do this, it will be a smart decision to love what you do. I remember when I went to school, we had an assignment to learn by heart the whole Mendeleev table (the table of chemical elements). It sounds like a hard work but I was a big Harry Potter fan at that time, and the elements name resemble magic spells because they are written in Latin. It is how I learnt the Mendeleev table in several hours. That’s why if you like what you do, it’s worth more that aurum 😉

  4. Don’t regret. Never, as I heard, is a bad word, but I’ll tell it: NEVER regret anything in your life. All your mistakes have taken you to where you are now and have made of you a person you are now. Instead of stucking in negative regrets about the past, it is better (and a very useful habit) to analyze your actions not to make the same mistakes in the future. And move on.

  5. Live in the present. It may correlate with the previous tip, the difference is that we don’t only regret about the past but we also tend to be nostalgic. It is good sometimes to think about happy moments in the past but not in the way: «It was good back then, now everything is bad». No, it was good in the past, and it will be even better in the future, but the best and really precious moment is the NOW. That’s where we all live and think, and make decisions, and admire the sunsets, and fall in love


At this very moment, while you read this article, ask yourself, are you really happy, and what would you change to become even happier?

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