Some facts about living abroad

I have met many people who told me they wanted to move to another country, permanently. Reasons are different: for better life, for job or even to find themselves…

As a person who have changed my country, I would like to tell you about what you will definitely discover while living abroad.

First of all, it should be mentioned that living abroad and traveling are really different things. If you liked the country while traveling you will not necessary like to live there. While traveling we tend to notice only positive points at a superficial level. If you really want to have a complete picture of a country, you need at least 6 months of living there. This is a period that allows to get into the routine and see its hidden difficulties.

  1. Culture Shock. This is something that will happen inevitably in a varying degree. You will notice every little difference from what you have used to, and it will either bother or please you. In any case, it is better to prepare yourself boforehead and learn as much as you can about the country you are going to.


  2. Broken Illusions. In Spain people don’t dance flamenco at each corner, in Paris there is no smell of love, in Russia there is no bears everywhere. That is ugly truth you have to live with. Well, more seriously, these are just stereotypes, and not all of them are entirely wrong. But you will have to admit that all people are more or less the same, despite culture and language difference. All of them need to love, to laugh, to be appreciated, to be happy… all of them have some kind of ambition or a dream, or worries… And no matter in what corner on the Earth you are, there isn’t a place with a permanent fest, there are their own difficulties everywhere.


  3. Moments of nostalgy and melancholy. Of course, you will see the differences, and you will notice that there isn’t something you liked so much in your motherland. With time, you will tell yourself that it isn’t that bad because you will get used to the absence of it, but you will always keep in your heart this part of the world you were cut off. And sometimes you will feel really lonely even in the crowd because among all those people no one would really understand what you feel, no one to share that all with.


  4. Horizon expansion. It will become your habit to learn every day, and I’m not only talking about knowledge. You will learn that something that was seen wrong in your country is totally normal in another one, and vice versa. As a result, your internal borders will disappear, and you will become more open and tolerant. The more you travel, the more you will accept things that before seemed strange or incomprehensible, and the more you will develop your inner world and outlook. Isn’t that amazing?


  5. No matter how far you run, you will still face yourself. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to run because there where you go, you will stay for some time face to face with yourself, without allowance for habitual routine or other people’s needs. You will focus on the key point and sooner or later will realize there is no more escape, no way back, you have to face yourself but… It is not all that scary. You will realize what is essential for you. That will make that in a little time you will learn that much about yourself that you couldn’t learn or see before during all your life. There will be surely something about yourself that may even surprise, either in a good or not-that-good way. The fact is that you will see clearly the ways to change some of your flaws, or accept others, and consequently, find the real you and love every single thing that makes you a unique person.


However paradoxical it may sound, the best way to find yourself is to try to escape from yourself. That is why I strongly believe that if you want to move, even if you will turn back afterwards, you should do it. The experience you will end up with has no price.

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