Some facts about living abroad

I have met many people who told me they wanted to move to another country, permanently. Reasons are different: for better life, for job or even to find themselves… As a person who have changed my country, I would like to tell you about what you will definitely discover while living abroad.

How to Keep the Harmony in the Relationship

The moment love comes in your life is wonderful, and it is often spontaneous. Was it a romantic or bold act, or maybe you discovered a person from a new prospect… the fact is you fell in love and you got together. Now you may think that if it started spontaneously, by magic, it should…

How to be self-confident

Self-confidence is not something that we learn at school, though the success of many cases in life depends on this quality. It is reflected in our endeavors, our affairs, as well as in our relations with people. The lack of self-confidence deprive us from many joys of life.

How to be happy

It looks like a pretentious title but being happy is actually not as hard as it may seem. Happiness is in simple things; that’s why the Ā«formula of hapinessĀ» just can’t be complex, even if it demands certain work on yourself.

How to survive a breakup

  When a relationship finishes, it is an uneasy period for both partners, sometimes even for those who were initiators of the break up. Its duration depends, it may sometimes last 2 days, sometimes two months. It happens because we lose a part of our life that we got used to, and our body goes…

Child Free Lifestyle

Since childhood, we girls are instilled with the idea that we will someday have a child and become a mother. And we (at least the vast majority of us) do not even think about this issue – we just know that this is a goal that we must definitely implement at certain point of our…


I heard somewhere that love is 90% of suffering and mental anguish and only 10% of happiness and euphoria, but these 10% are so strong that people persist in falling in love. Life experience demonstrates that love and relationships are not the same things.

Long Distance Relationship

How romantic it is: send love messages, feel the connection through kilometers, wake up in the morning and first of all check if you’ve got the message from such a distant but at the same time so close person. Photo by: Tony Lam Hoang All this gives us positive emotions, so necessary for a happy…